Beautiful Google Offices Around The World

Google is the name that does not require any introduction. It is the world most commonly used search engine that has been used by millions of Internet users all over the world. We all love Google for its relative search results and effective service.

In this roundup, some photographs of Google offices are shared which indicate the professional environment and their approach towards gaining excellence. This roundup contains the largest software engineering center of Google that it located outside of headquarter Mountain View. Enjoy!

A Great Day at the Google HQ!

Can I buy a vowel?


Google sign at Googleplex


Google Chicago

Google Moscow Engineering Open House

Google Office Zurich

Google Office Zurich

Google Office Zurich

Foosball Fighting

Oud Google kantoor

Waiting in the lobby

Ball pit of madness

Google zurich office – games room

Surf’s up at google

Bouncy Balls in Google Receptionist Desk

Google Entryway

Carnie Carnival

Google zurich office – the slide!

Google San Francisco

Seventeen magazine lounge

Google Office in Zurich

Google zurich office – egg meeting pods

Google shanghai office

Google China Office, a Big Stage

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