SEO Tips For Better Ranking

If done right, SEO can help your website get better ranking and good amount of traffic. Search Engine Optimization is all about managing multi-dimensional issues. Here are some smart tips that will let you have better ranking against search queries. Nobody can guarantee that these are surefire – but they are surely worth trying out!

1. Consider adding viral components onto your website or blog (e.g. reviews, ratings, comments from visitor or sharing functions, etc.

2. While using video you have to consider all sorts of video contents like podcasts, news, or social content etc. Search Engine Optimization isn’t any more about 10 or 15 blue links.

3. While considering any link purchase/exchange, be sure to check cache dates on the page your link is likely to be placed in Google. You can search with “cache:URL” (put your actual page where you substitute “URL” with the an actual page. The more recent your cache date would be, the better it is for you. Just in case that page is not there or if you find that this cache date is over a month old, you should know that this page is not worth much.

4. When you’ve got pages on a website, which happen to be pretty much similar (your concern here is duplicate content) and you got to be extra sure that the search engine has the right one included. Be sure to put that URL of your favorite one onto your sitemaps.

5. Thoroughly check the server headers. For this, you can simply search with “check server header” for finding free online tools. And you must make sure that the URLs are reporting a “200 OK” or a “301 Moved Permanently ” status for redirects. When the status is showing anything else, be sure to check that URLs are well set and are also used consistently all over your site.

6. If you are worried about facing algorithm penalties, you should follow the tips below-

Tips on Avoiding Search Engine Algorithm Penalties:

SEO algorithm penalties can be avoided with some precautions. First of all, you need to make sure that you thoroughly know all sorts of superior info for maintaining a website that is search engine friendly site. You can find couple of guideline on those at around Google Webmasters, or at Google Webmaster Central or Youtube. Also consider paying a visit to Yahoo! Search Indexing.

Besides this, you have to be as much proactive as you can (without overdoing it of course) on keyword optimization and keyword rankings. Often times, your site faces penalties when it’s too cramped with abnormal backlinks. A site owner must rethink how he has manipulated or distributed his backlinks. When pitfalls are discovered, those discrepancies should be fixed. The main object here should be removing the unnatural feel from the setting of the backlinks.

And finally, when webmasters own multiple websites hosted by the same company, there’s clear possibility that the sites will face a big-time crosslinking penalty. Such penalties occur as the hosting shuts down crosslinked websites simultaneously, for long periods of time. So be careful of crosslinking sites on the same server, and make sure your hosting charges are never overdue!


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Jayanti Solanki

Web development is my first love. Over the last 8+ years, I have developed an array of websites for many startups & businesses using HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Magento and PHP.

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  1. very impressive, people sell books with stuff like this, and you give it for free. You don’t have to visit my blog, this is not a SEO gimmik, I just liked what you wrote.

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